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long time no write

I disappeared for a while, but I’m back. I disappeared because I needed to be really living here. School has been okay. I think part of my struggle has been with feeling like it should be my first priority during my time here, since it is my source of income. But after a lot of … Continue reading


I am all moved in to my new apartment! I am going to be living with two Spaniards, both men. Zigor, 30 is an engineer. Antonio, 34 works in television. The apartment is very nice. Not too modern, not to old fashioned. Pretty much just right. It has a full kitchen that looks out onto … Continue reading

A Good Day

“Everything moves continously. Immobility does not exist. Don’t be subject to the influecnce of out-of-date concepts. Forget hours, seconds and minutes. Accept instability. Live in Time. Be static – with movement. For a static of the present movement. Resist the anxious wish to fix the instanteneous, to kill that which is living. Stop insisting on … Continue reading

attempting happiness

It is too easy to sink into the feeling that here, in this new city, I am totally and completely alone. Even as I type that, I know I am exaggerating. I´ve made four friends, and one of them is an old friend from a different life. But still–when I walk down the streets, the … Continue reading