A Good Day

“Everything moves continously. Immobility does not exist. Don’t be subject to the influecnce of out-of-date concepts. Forget hours, seconds and minutes. Accept instability. Live in Time. Be static – with movement. For a static of the present movement. Resist the anxious wish to fix the instanteneous, to kill that which is living. Stop insisting on ‘values’ which can only break down. Be free, live. Stop painting time. Stop evoking movements and gestures. You are movement and gesture. Stop building cathedrals and pyramids which are doomed to fall into ruin. Live in the present, live once more in Time and by Time – for a wonderful and absolute reality.”

Düsseldorf, March 1959 TINGUELY

Today I went to El Museo Reina Sofía. After I wrote my earlier post I decided I needed to put my words into action. I called up one of my new friends, Josh, and we decided to meet in front of the museum. Today there was a huelga general (general protest) so there were warning signs about the metro not working to its full capacity, etc. I thought I would walk, but being my always running late self (and after forgetting my wallet and returning to the apartment to get it), I decided to try to take the metro. Luckily, it was functioning sufficiently and I arrived only a half hour after I thought I would.

Going to the museum turned out to be a really positive experience. I mean, of course it was! But, it really reminded me how much beauty there is in the world and made me excited to be an artist again. I promised myself that that I would start a zine during my stay here, and managed to rope my two friends (another friend, Fraz, also met us there) to contribute their writing. In addition, I also became extremely excited and motived by the words of Jean Tinguely, which I have posted above. I mean, the man was an artist, a radical thinker, a creator! Not some self-help guru selling overpriced advice. In fact, the way he distributed his manifesto was by dropping 150,000 copies of it from an small aeroplane he flew over Düsseldorf. He wrote and dispersed such valuable words with such deep and inspiring content– for free! Only my mom is capable of doing that kind of humanitarian work nowadays. In all seriousness, it was wonderful to read such words coming from a man that wrote them with intentions other than helping some desperate girl stranded in a foreign land. He wrote them because he found them to be THE  ULTIMATE TRUTH and he wanted to share that truth with anyone who would listen. Today, I listened and I took his words to heart.

After the museum we were so, so hungry. In fact, (don´t yell at me mom) but all of our blood sugar levels were so low because all of us wanted to get our money´s worth and stayed at the museum way past our normal hunger point and left grumpy and drained. And because of the huelga, we had to walk around quite a bit before we found a place that was open. And then (again, don´t yell at me mom) all of us were so hungry that we ordered only carbs. Bruschetta and pasta! Not very Spanish, but what can I say. Then, even though we were stuffed, I had an idea. Until tonight, I hadn´t tried churros con chocolate. So I suggested that we find a place within walking distance so we could walk off our dinner and have enough room for coffee and dessert. The boys agreed, and Fraz, who spent a year in Madrid a few years back, knew of an authentic place nearby that is open 24 hours.

And, christ, let me tell you. Churros con chocolate are MY NEW FAVORITE FOOD. All day, all night, while I´m sleeping, gimme some. The churros lifted my spirits and, DANG, girl! That CHOCOLATE! It was so thick and rich and flavored with a little bit of cinnamon and just sweet enough. And being with friends, even if they´re new friends, was great. We talked about our love lives, being and feeling alone, the fact that we´re glad that we met each other. It was comforting to know that all of us were in similar places, and that going out together was the perfect antidote for feeling depressed and lonely. So we made plans to go out again, tomorrow.

I think everything is going to be okay.

I am going to make it through this year, if it kills me.

(current motivational song)

Okay, I must go to sleep. Going to the school I´m going to be teaching at tomorrow morning.


2 Responses to “A Good Day”
  1. Monica says:

    instability, balance; instability, balance; instability, balance is what we experience in life is what ………….(the other big, non-Freudian psychologist, who gives dreams importance and whose name I can’t remember right now) says and as I grow in life experience, while on my search, I believe it too. A big part of the learning is to always have the courage to come back to balance; sometimes the scale tips to the side of sadness, pain, the dark; sometimes to extatic moments; as we develop our center, our awareness of our deep, everlasting self the void is filled and we can experience balance more often—or at least be closer to that center point.

    Carla, I am not the only wise one around but thanks for the high praise; if you are open to meeting and learning from wise human beings you will find more.

    So what did you like about the Museo Sofia; I have never been there; tell me.


  2. tess says:

    mountain gooooooooooats

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